Traditional Fish&Chips

 Meal Deals

Meal Deals Served with Chips Med Sauce & A 330ml Can

Fish & Chips Meal Deal  

Mini Fish & Chips Meal Deal

Tin Roe & Chips Meal Deal

Scampi & Chips Meal Deal  

Pie & Chips Meal Deal    

Pastie & Chips Meal Deal 

Sausage & Chips Meal Deal

Saveloy & Chips Meal Deal 

*Battered Sausage Meal Deal  

*nuggets & Chips Meal Deal (8)                              

Southern Fried Chicken

 One piece    Leg,Wing,Thigh 


1 pce Mini Meal    Leg,Wing,Thigh 

2 pce Mini Meal    Leg,Wing,Thigh 

3 pce Mini Meal    Leg,Wing,Thigh 

6 pce With 3 Cones 

8 pce With 4 Cones 

10 pce Family Meal  6 Cones & 1.5lt    


Meal Deals

  Served With Chips & a 330ml Can     

Chicken Fillet Sandwich

Mini Fish Sandwich 

Doner Meat Sandwich 

Chicken Meat Sandwich 

1/4lb Burger 

Double 1/4lb  burger

Tripple 1/14lb burger     

Mini Meals

Mini Meal Served in a Small Tray with Chips

 Mini Fish Mini Meal  

Pie Mini Meal  

Sausage Mini Meal 

Saveloy Mini Meal 

* Battered Sausage Mini Meal  

*Nuggets Mini Meal (4) 

Tin Roe Mini Meal

Kiddie Meals 

        Choose One Of The Following Items served With Chips

                                    Drink & A Gift                                     

Mini Fish                           

Kebab Meat                       


*Fish Fingers (3)                

*Plain Burger                     

Chicken DrumStick (sfc)    

*Chicken Nuggets (3)                

Mini Sandwich

Meal Deals

                    Served   With Chips & a 330ml Can     

Mini Chicken Fillet Sandwich Meal   

Mini Doner Meat Sandwich Meal      

Mini Chicken Meat Sandwich Meal   

Mini Mix Meat Sandwich Meal 

Mini Burger Meal  

Mini Double Burger Meal  

Mini triple Burger Meal